Kelly Siegel is the CEO of National Technology Management (NTM). He has an educational background in criminal justice and sociology from Western Michigan University. Kelly has been delivering results since running his first paper route as a twelve-year-old. Besides his goal to make NTM the gold standard of the IT industry, his mission in life is to leave a legacy, or in Kelly’s words, “make a dent.” His relentless drive to better himself is breaking his family’s cycle of abuse, addiction, and poverty. Kelly takes personal progress to the next level by continuously improving his physical, emotional, and mental health and performance by working out daily, reading voraciously, and practicing mindfulness. You’ll find him feeding people at spontaneous cookouts in his backyard, volunteering his time for causes close to his heart, and mentoring the next generation of leaders. Kelly lives in Michigan with his daughter Arianna, their Yorkie Sammy, and cat Felix. He spends as much time as possible in Florida, preferably out on the water with Ari and good friends.