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With Kelly Siegel


Harder Than Life

Kelly Siegel is the CEO of National Technology Management (NTM). He has an educational background in criminal justice and sociology from Western Michigan University. Kelly has been delivering results since running his first paper route as a twelve-year-old. Besides his goal to make NTM the gold standard of the IT industry, his mission in life is to leave a legacy, or in Kelly’s words, “make a dent.” His relentless drive to better himself is breaking his family’s cycle of abuse, addiction, and poverty.

Harder Than Life book

“In this book, I’ll tell you my story and share the ten values that guide my personal and professional life: self-awareness, honesty and integrity, communication, family, loyalty, growth, health, tenacity, results, and legacy.”
– Kelly Siegel



Kelly will tailor his motivational speaking topics to deliver the best keynote message that aligns with your audience. He will leave your audience with jaw dropping personal stories that will have you ready to take on the hardest challenges that life brings.

Kelly offers live keynote speaking engagements or virtual events. If you’re looking for a confident motivational speaker that will transform your audience’s personal and professional lives, contact Kelly Siegel.


Jayson Waller

“Kelly Siegel’s story of addiction and excess is a very telling reminder that all of us have some level of hurt and pain in our lives. No one ever has the perfect blueprint for life. But we humans are amazing creatures. To compensate for fear, doubts, and pain, we can put on facades that show others that we have the most energy, joy, and fulfillment.

“That’s why I’m so happy that Siegel had his ‘aha’ moment on the beach. Not all those dealing with addiction have what it takes to make a successful recovery, but Siegel is making the most of his second chance.

“Many of the ten values that guide Kelly’s life are those that guide mine and should guide yours too. But isn’t it amazing that it’s hard to follow a common-sense blueprint even when the ideas are so easy to grasp? While it’s one thing to make the recovery, it’s another thing to teach others not to follow your path. I love Kelly’s mission on giving back. That’s how we all get better (AGB) all day, everyday. Take the time to read this, and you will benefit.”

Jayson Waller
Kristen Cullen

“In his memoir, Kelly Siegel transparently opens up about his very personal journey through scarcity, struggle, abuse, addiction, and self destruction. He unselfishly shares his own daily practices, disciplines, and fail-proof action items, with the intent to help, guide, and mentor his readers toward self discovery, healing, and ultimately living a life of true self worth and abundance. A must-read for anyone looking for an inspirational, feel-good true story about overcoming the odds and triumphantly ‘winning’ at the game of life.”

Kristen Cullen
Founder, mentor, coach, brand strategist
Rick Harber

“Kelly’s journey reminds us that clear thinking is about courage instead of intelligence. That living your best life begins with remembering your life. Sometimes that means leaving the party.”

Rick Harber
Founder & CEO
Jeff Jacobs

“When I first met Kelly, I quickly realized two things. First, he was very determined, disciplined, and committed; I knew this by observing his training in the gym. Yes, he is in outstanding shape, he is consistent. Second, I felt genuine and authentic kindness coming from his words. Frequently, we meet people, and it feels like we were bitten by a vampire, drained. With Kelly, you feel inspired and motivated to kick ass and make your goals happen today!

“I look forward to applying his lessons and taking life to the next level!”

Jeff Jacobs
Internet Strategist